When the Ride Gets Bumpy

Buckle up.  Hold on tight.  Grab the wheel.  Take a breath.  Keep the faith. Yes,  God has treasures planned for us in this ride called life; however,  he also may allow hardships and tragedy.  What then?  Is he still there?  Does he still have treasures planned for us? 

YES, he does.  In fact, in Romans 8.28, we are told “and we know that God causes  EVERYTHING to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purposes”. EVERYTHING,  not just the exciting, happy things!  So when all things include hardship and tragedy, keep the faith.  Hold on tight.  Take a breath. Wait on him and the good will come.  He knows what he’s doing.  We’re safe in his hands.  There’s no where else I’d rather be.


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