Smooth Roads

There’s nothing like a freshly paved  road to travel on.  Peaceful,  calm, relaxing, safe.  Quite the contrast to the terrain of land made, gravel, curvy, mountainous, ice-covered roads. Treacherous, stressful,  unsafe at times.  What a contrast between these two roads.  Both leading somewhere through very different paths.  In some cases, both paths are leading to the same destination; yet, in very different ways.

This is the image I have of our lives here on Earth as we journey towards Heaven.  Sometimes,  we journey with ease and our lives are going smoothly.  Other times, we journey with a struggle and our lives are jagged and rough.  In both situations, our God is still God and cares for us through it all and we can rely on him.

Divorce, death, illness, and loss affect us.  Yet, so do love, birth, health,  accomplishment, and gain.  And while we may choose the smooth path when we’re given a choice, our God knows what he’s doing when we experience the jagged path as well.  

Keep the faith! No matter what path lies ahead, here is what God says about our travels in his word in Isaiah 40.4-5, “Every valley will be raised up and every mountain and hill will be flattened.  Uneven ground will become level, and rough terrain a valley plain.  The Lord’s glory will appear and all humanity will see it together”.  How comforting to know our God will make all things smooth in due time for he is bigger than all our roads and has the power to do so. Take him at his word and trust in him today! 


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