One Way Roads

City driving can be very frustrating at times.  Congestion, crowds, and one way roads make travel a hectic challenge.  We want to go somewhere to our right and the sign ahead says left turn only.  GRRRR.  It would be so easy to be able to go right.  Why does it have to be so frustrating?  Why can’t we just go our way?

Our way? Not a chance. We have no choice but to oblige the one way sign or be hit by incoming traffic.  So, we make the left to eventually go right instead of going our own way.   This is because our own way would harm us. 

Life is like that.  There is only one way to heaven even though we’d like to believe there are many.  But we deceive and harm ourselves if we believe we can make our own roadway to heaven.

In fact, Jesus says in John 14.6, “I am the way the truth, and the light.  NOONE comes to the father except through me”.  We can no more decide our own way to heaven than we can drive our own way on city roads. 

If any road led to heaven, the death of Jesus would have been unnecessary.  If Jesus isn’t the ONE way to eternity then he died a meaningless death.  Furthermore,  we could dispute this truth and if the bible is the word of God all day long but the truth remains.  See for yourself.  Read the story in John Chapter 14.  Do the research.  Many people came to the truth this way.  Do yourself a favor and grab your ONE way today!


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