The Back Roads

Not everyone knows the back roads.  They are usually known by the locals of any given area.  Sure, we may stumble upon a back road accidentally at times, or find one using modern technology (GPS), but usually the locals are the ones who know them well. 

Yet, the back roads sure are a gem when we find them! A pleasant gift, whether found from the locals advice or stumbled upon!   Back roads usually avoid the hustle and bustle of the main road, are an alternative route when a roadblock or accident is ahead, have scenic moments that are so beautiful, and give us, at times, a sense of peace and rest, or a shortcut to get from one place to another.

The same is true (all of thee above) of the spiritual road and the pathway to heaven and God. The best way to know the back road is to ask the locals; yet, some do stumble upon them! But how do we know that we’ve found the back road we say? We can’t possibly know the locals of heaven nor the roads they travel because we aren’t there yet.  There’s no way to know.

Oh, how mistaken we are in this thinking! We think there is no local of heaven (nor any heaven itself) to ask how to find the way to God. We think how can we possibly know the way to heaven? 

That’s where this back road is different. It’s a local road that can be known to all who are willing; yet, we drive blindly onward, making our own back roads and getting frustrated at the roads we take leading us to nowhere.  Utimately, we fail to realize the LOCAL of heaven has shown us the way and his name is Jesus Christ.

I know, I know. Believe me, I’ve heard the stories of other locals and the many roads to nirvanna, yet, the truth calls. We see it, we hear it, we feel it, and our souls rise. We know it’s true in the same way we have a hunch on a back road …….wind blowing, our hair flowing, windows down, music playing, that we’re on the right road.  Yet, we don’t need to rely on this experience, our feelings,  or a hunch for our back road.

We have another witness to rely on and the ONLY story still spoken  2015 years later worldwide.  Doesn’t sound compelling?  Ok, see me 2015 years from now, at this time, and talk to me about how much current stories such as American Sniper or Fifty Shades of Gray are  impacting  our world and changing lives, while, meanwhile our local Jesus is waiting………….patiently!

So, we do have a local to ask and he does know the way as Mark 16.9 witnesses,   “After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God”.   WOW. Please don’t miss this. The same guy who hung on the tree spoke about heaven and then went where???  
To the right hand of God. …….see me when other locals have that story.  LOL.

All kidding aside, go ahead and doubt but when you do, remember, we all have a back road to somewhere that ends.  We all want peace.  We all believe something.  I say why not believe in something that will outlast all our backroads. Give the local of heaven a try. He’s waiting with open arms.


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