The Long, Windy Road

“Road trip”I announced.  “Surprise, we are headed to the Suber Bowl”.  “No way” my husband exclaimed with a gleam in his eyes!  “Yes way” I said!  So, after earning the impromptu wife/mother of the year award (LOL), we take off on an eighteen hour journey to New Orleans.  We were so excited about the destination that we didn’t think about the journey.

We hop in the car and and within hours we were on long, winding, snow covered roads.  For hours it snowed until the dark set in.  We pressed on because we had to or else we would miss the big game the next day.  Eventually were in warmer weather.  Thank goodness we thought.  Safe at last.

No, not so fast.  Hours of rain followed with hours of a fog storm.  Not to mention, there was no lodging near the stadium.  We finally arrived a day and a half later in New Orleans just in time to secure a hotel and head to the game, which, thankfully, at least, we won!

Life is like this.  We sometimes set a goal or destination and we take off towards it; yet, along the way we meet resistance, adversity, and difficulty.  Yet, we also have times of joy and satisfaction.  We don’t always have a plan and even when we do, and the unexpected happens, we press on.

What about the long and windy road to heaven?  What is our plan? Do we know the way?  How can we possibly? The truth is, in fact, we do know the way……”For God so loved the world that he gave his ONLY son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ETERNAL life”. Jesus is the eay to heaven and God himself has paved the way to life’s biggest game of all, eternity! Get going so you can be sure not to miss the biggest game.


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