The Road to Freedom, Part 1

WOW! How privileged we Americans are!  We have freedom!  Freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of choice, and  freedom of religion to name a few.  How cool is that?  Unlike other countries, we have the privilege to choose how we live, act, believe!    Do we realize the price our freedom cost America?  Many wars, the 1929 Depression, untold lives. Heroes not mentioned alive or forever gone.  Or are they?

Well, that depends on our vantage point.  Gone if now is all there is.  Yet, if there is something more beyond now, nothing and noone is forever gone.  So, take it as you will, yet first check this out in Romans 6.23 where we read,  “the wages of sin are death but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord”.  So the next time you struggle,  remember NOTHiNG lasts forever and this to shall pass.  This life and all the freedom it offers is passing; yet, eternity is forever. So why not grab your forever freedom today?


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