Prep for Couples 30 Day Challenge

Just a few days away from the 30 day couples  challenge and we’re getting psyched at Turning Leaf Wellness. The best part of this challenge is doing it together!

We’ve researched healthy and delicious alternatives to some of our favorite dishes and designed new ones! Some of the recipes and ideas have our mouths watering with anticipation as opposed to our minds filling with dread for  things we will be giving up.

We’ve learned that preparation is a key to success in any worthy endeavor and we’re looking forward to starting our Wellness challenge! Stay tuned for some of these fantastic, healthy menu items!





Chef Dave and I have partnered together in many things….marriage, parenting, business, and now, starting June 1st, wellness.

Let’s face it. A good chef can make anything and a good wife can eat it. So, Dave and I decided to take a 30 day challenge to create healthy versions of everything we eat and post the delicious results to our patrons.

Hang on! We’re on for a ride