Ok, we really are doing this thing together, Chef and I, as we just finished day 3 of the Couples Wellness Challenge and agreed we are feeling GREAT!!!

As far as the menu goes, yesterday was a busy day, preparing for our cousin’s 25th wedding anniversary and I, of course had to take time for my newest love, a facial LOL (but that’s another blog topic….why it took me 48 years to try them?) so the menu needed to be simple.

Breakfast was watermelon slices, rye bread, and a handful of walnuts with cranberry water! I also had a homemade iced coffee from chef which was simply decaf coffee and stevia, because no sugars are allowed, yet, flavored coffee beans are and so is stevia, nature’s natural sweetener!!!

Believe it or not, we worked right thru lunch and weren’t hungry….well, Dave worked through lunch and I had a facial while he did, (one of the discovered joys of owning a wellness center); however, we did enjoy unsweetened tea with lemon.

For dinner, we had a toss up between steak salad and pho and we went with the pho. We enjoyed an appetizer of shrimp summer rolls and then Chef had beef pho and I had shrimp. Believe it or not I couldn’t eat it all!!!

We love to snack so we had some popcorn later in the evening while he watched a movie and I read, yet, we didn’t quite master the full challenge as, once again,  we both had a diet coke! GRRRR, I am beginning to think it’s an addiction, LOL.

All kidding aside, chef LOVE’S food (of course) and he said to me at dinner, “Man, I am feeling great) so, if you wanna join us in the challenge, hop aboard.  Earing well does do amazing things for your mood, body, and energy levels. We are both feeling healthier each day and are starting to realize even more than we ever have the connection between what you put into your body and how you feel.  So, I say to day 4, bring it!












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