So, Chef and I  completed another day  of the 30 Day Couples Wellness Challenge and I finally didn’t have a diet soda! Wish I could say the same for Chef but he only had half of one so thanks for the prayers!

Since we both had a few drinks last night, we also noticed we felt more tired than we have on any other day of the challenge thus far so our bodies agree that alcohol is definitely a depressant! But, oh, the fun, LOL.

Thank goodness we get a new start each day and our day started with one half of a pumpernickel bagel each topped with a poached egg and one half of a watermelon berry smoothie made with watermelon, red raspberries, blueberries and Greek yogurt. I also had a hot tea and a cup of Java and chef had his diet soda.  Of course we both also drank water and cranberry water throughout the day.

Lunch was a Greek steak salad and some baked beans, yummy. So yummy that is was dinner too!

I also chose a handful of mini dark chocolates for a snack with a decaf iced coffee made black with one stevia and chef chose a cup of brown rice.

I almost forgot the other snack we had, peppers stuffed with feta cheese amd they were the bomb!

We have also been sure to exercise each day in some way, whether weight lifting, yoga, pilates or cardio, yet, not today, as today is our day of rest!

Today we went to church and babysat our precious grandaughter and then had our family over for dinner and the movie Risen. It was a wonderful, peaceful day.











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