So, we’re a week into this monthly wellness challenge and there are definitely some things we miss, Chef and I. He misses a good old bag of Utz Potato Chips so we’re gonna make some Zucchini chips and our own potato chips today. HOORAY, I’M EXCITED!  I miss the carbonation of soda so I’m hunting for a delicious, homemade recipe.

Meanwhile, yesterday Chef outdid himself and made the most delicious spicy, chicken & vegetable burritos with black beans and his own, homemade, whole wheat multi grain chips! What a fantastic dinner!

Lunch was a good old fashioned turkey sandwich on rye amd I sure did miss the mayo so I will work on that problem!

Breakfast was a repeat from the day before as we loved it so much.

Oh, and don’t forget the drinks which were lemon water, detox water, green tea, iced coffee without added flavors and oops, we did it again, we drank a small can of soda, man! (Hence, the hunt for homemade, carbonated, drinks so we can have the fizz without the fuss)

We also learned that Dave will be profiled in cozymeal and the photo shoot is the 24th so exciting things are in store.

Stay tuned.


Ps. Feel free to comment on any recipes you’d like us to post and we surely will!









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