So I wish I had thought sooner to ask chef to do a wellness challenge with me. We’re both getting more and more into the challenge each and every day. Now, we’re researching healthy ingredients and thinking of all sorts of alternative, healthy ideas for things we consume regularly as well as for classes at our Wellness Center. It’s so much fun having my husband and best friend also be my partner at work and wellness as well as nemesis for writing this blog. It’s like we’re on an adventure we never planned and we’re loving it.

Speaking of adventures…..Our current challenge is to make a number of drinks that satisfy the soda cravings which we have realized is the craving for either fizz or caffeine. We have come up with a few ideas like 100 percent juice mixed with seltzer and homemade lemon lime soda.  We are going to make both and I’ll let everyone know the scoop.

Speaking of scoops, yesterday was a busy day filled to the brim with planned and unplanned things. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the day, we managed to enjoy some steamed shrimp with a garden salad topped with sundried tomatoes/ mozzarella, hold the dressing.
We also managed to fix the boat,  hold an open house, grocery shop, go to church, and see our friends band play.

Which brings us to today’s plan. Due to yesterday’s planned and unplanned adventures, today’s plan is to take God at his word and REST, LOL. Oh, and figure out how to get a theme for this blog that allows lots of pictures. One or two pictures isn’t cutting it for posting recipes and traveling adventures. Any direction or ideas on this blog theme from fellow bloggers is greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!



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