Day 16 Delicacies


     So, despite a cheat meal being allowed once a week, chef and I haven’t splurged on that opportunity much until today when we allowed ourselves the enjoyment of ice cream on chocolate and nut covered waffle cones at the beach of Ocean City, Maryland where we snuck away for a few days retreat to re-group and plan for the busy week to come.


     We knew with the 6 week kids cooking camp starting next week as well as a photo and video shoot occurring, not to mention cooking classes, counseling and massage sessions scheduled at our center, we needed some time to plan and unwind.

     We awoke to a heavy rain storm and decided to take the weather as a sign for the opportunity to chill, do some menu planning and remote marketing. Then, when hunger struck, we ate tomato and cucumber sandwiches on oat bread, hold the mayo please, with one percent milk.
I never thought I’d see the day we ate tomato sandwiches without mayo, yet we sure did!

    Afterwards, chef and I went to the library to do some research and the grocery store for some goodies, then we returned home to relax for a while and have linner (lunch and dinner combined )

Subsequently, chef made a good old fashioned home cooked meal of cod, mussels, corn, salad, and whole wheat rigatoni with veggies. 


     Then, when the storm ended, we headed to Fenwick to grab our cheat, a chocolate and nut dipped waffle cone full of icecream. Chef chose sea salt caramel and I chose expresso chip and we enjoyed every last bite before hitting the movies and you guessed it, soda and popcorn!


     Speaking of the movies, we had a pleasant surprise at the movie theatre, electronic reclining leather seats! They were so comfortable, I caught chef snoring briefly, LOL.
Of course, I had to elbow him as other patrons were around. Perhaps he was snoring as this was the movie?


Oh, before you wonder how I got so lucky to have chef see this movie with me, I have the answer; I watch a lot of guy movies and occasionally in return get to see a chick flick.  Today was my occasionally. 


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