The GOD who made this sunset is the GOD I adore! Isn’t he grand? Isnt this moment incredible? Who else creates such amazing things? Who else can?

     The God who made this sunset knew it would last but a moment! He made it anyway. He realized people would see this beautiful scene and immediately forget. He knew others wouldn’t pay attention. He knew some would see the beauty and remember and others would see the beauty, savor it and realize from where it came. Best of all, he knew some would believe he made this sunset for them out of pure love and love him back in return.

        I, by the grace of God, am one of those people who believe he makes the sunset out of love for us. Furthermore,  I believe he, who holds the power of the sun in his hands, gives us power and grace to overcome all of our trials, adversities, and struggles and to do all he has called us to do each and every day. 

     Unfortunately,  I, being at times, like those not remembering the sun or even noticing it, behave in ways that don’t show my belief in GOD.  I act as if he isn’t there waiting and I don’t pay attention or heed him.  How foolish I am when I forget the majesty of the Lord as revealed in this sun and turn my own way when his power is readily available, more miraculous than this sun, and far surpassing any of my ways. How silly of  us of to trust in ourselves when this GOD is waiting to help and we only need ask. 

     This God is a God we can rely on. This GOD wants to help us. This God has a call on your and my life. This God is where to turn at all times. This God can always and in all ways be trusted. So lets not forget to turn to THIS GOD. After all, he reminds us of himself each day, in may ways, including by the setting of the sun!


 Stuck Places 


      I woke today feeling sad and heavy hearted.  I was also feeling stuck like this poor little guy above.  

     My mind reminded me of a conflict  I had the night before with my husband about his charger….a CHARGED UP conflict! The problem was simple but the communication was NOT!

     You know, one of those communication patterns, we all have, where what is meant is vasty different than what is said so the message is WAY, WAY different than intended.

     What he meant to say: “Im frustrated because my charger is missing but what he said was a whole lot more.

     What I meant to say: “I’m having a hard time following your story so please tell me what you need” but what I said was a whole lot more.

     With a redo we got there, but, boy  was there a lot in between about not feeling heard and validated and feeling mistreated and misunderstood. Yep, all from a charger.

     I know this may sound silly and it is, it truly is!  What isn’t silly; however, is how we communicate our needs.  Do we speak gently and consisely or do we speak harshly and defensively? Is there a sense of understanding or a tone of anger and condescension? Are we talking to resolve an issue or win a conflict? Do we leave the dialogue with a better understanding of ourselves and our partner or more confused than when we started?   Do we realize how to communicate effectively or are we doing the same old song and dance?  I believe this is what is meant by the admonition in Epbesians to “Speak the truth in love” in Ephesians 4.15.  Speaking our truth in loving ways can save us from a whole lot of stuck places!

     So what can we do about these stuck places? How do we make sure we are speaking the truth in love?   How do we get from a charged up place to a space of grace?  WE SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE!  That’s what! 

     So, we take a deep breathe, pray and try again.  We call it a do-over in our home and that’s exactly we did,, and guess what, we got unstuck and, as God would have it, we found the charger too!


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