Week 2 of 52- Apple Cinnamin Infused Water


     So, week two is upon us! My change this week is to drink more water! I know, sounds boring, right? Well, not so fast. I’m not planning on drinking just ANY water, I’m drinking infused waters.

     Yes, we’ve ALL been told to drink more water. Yes, we know our bodies need water to survive; yet, not everyone knows how to spice up water nor how beneficial fruit and spice infused waters can be for your body.

     One of my favorite’s Chef created is Apple Cinnamin Infused Water and here’s the recipe:


1 gallon of water
1 pound of ice
1 stevia or trulia
1 green apple, medium
1/4 vanilla bean
1 stick of cinnamin


Boil stevia, vanilla bean & cinnamin in 1 cup of water
Thinly slice apples.
Place all of the above in 1 gallon pitcher
Put one pound of ice on top (don’t skip as this step helps thee infusion)
Fill with water
Place in fridge overnight to insure flavor


I’ll blog about the benefits of fruit infused water along with another recipe later this week.

Meanwhile, bottoms up!


Diet Soda Controversy



  So, we’re in the very first week of 52 weeks to a new you and here’s what’s happening so far:

     I have decided to forego diet soft drinks due to the controversy associated with them.  I say controversy because some health reports recommend diet soft drinks as opposed to regular ones to save calories and others demonize them saying they do many horrible things including:

Fill the body with artificial sweeteners and harmful chemicals

Cause bone and teeth loss over time

Bloat the belly.  Yes, you read right, bloat your belly since those chemicals clog it up and slow digestion

Create weight gain. Saw what, no way? Well, yes way. The artifical sweetener is sweeter than sugar promoting hunger instead of reducing it

     As you can see by this, not exhaustive list, of claimed problems with diet soft drinks, that the risk outweighs the benefits of a few missed calories so that’s why I chose to forego diet soda in week one.

     Will I ever have another soda? Probably when I’m out in a social setting occasionally but regularly, heck no.  Next time I’ll post what chef has decided to change in week one!

     Meanwhile, how’s your first week going so far? What have you decided to work on?  What change did you make this week towards your goals?  We’d love to hear from you in our comments section and cheer each other on.




  So, not many of you know my Chef husband and I both left corporate America over the past year.  (That’s us on the left with our children and granddaughter) We tired of the rat race even though it did pay each rat almost six figures to run.  I left my job first, June 7, 2015, to be exact, and my hubby left his seven months later on January 22, 2016.
     What were two income less fools to do?   So glad you asked! We had prayed about it for some time and were feeling drawn to expand my then small, private practice into a full fledged wellness center and that’s exactly what we have done.
     Who’d have thought a chef and a counselor would be working together, side by side, after all these years of marriage; yet,  that’s exactly what has happened. We’re just getting started. We both feel this is gonna be the ride of a lifetime.
     Hold on to your hats as we begin this journey together and see where God takes us. Oh, and remind us to hold onto our purse strings for a bit, we don’t have that rat race income anymore! Here’s to running our own race!